Volunteer Programme

We ALWAYS need more volunteers, but you might be surprised at the variety of jobs that we need assistance with. The following list is by no means exhaustive. If you have any specific skill set that you think might be of benefit to our animals, however left field, then please get in touch.

For further information or to join our team of volunteers please use the form at the bottom of the page.


  • Kennel Hands – We clean the kennels twice a day.
  • Dog Walkers – For general exercise and lead training.
  • Dog Groomers – Short haired dogs, long haired dogs, we’ve got them all, and they all need grooming.
  • Gardeners – The paddock and exercise areas need regular maintenance to ensure they are healthy places for the dogs to enjoy their time in the fresh air.
  • Fundraisers – A key area for us. We receive no external funding so everything we do here is reliant on the success of our fundraising programmes and the generous nature of our volunteers. We have people who organise special events, manufacture products for our sales, cook for themed evenings, organise their own sales, play and perform at events, the list goes on.
  • Foster Carers – For short and medium term fostering of either young dogs, or older dogs that require a specific care programme.
  • Handymen/women – General maintenance duties.
  • Welders – Fence/gate repairs and maintenance.
  • Hand sewing/sewing machine operators – To repair blankets, dog clothing etc.
  • General assistants – veterinary visits, stray capture etc.
  • Home checkers – Pre adoption home visits
  • ‘Buddies’ – To help with our ‘Buddy’ programme. To sit with, take out, and generally spend quality time with individual dogs

Want to join us?

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