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Sponsor an animal

Many of the animals we rescue have complex needs and cannot be rehomed.

Typically, animals in this group will have special dietary or medical needs, or cannot socialise with other animals or people and are therefore likely to remain in kennels or foster for life.

Your sponsorship will enable us to provide love and care to these animals for life – because we don’t believe an animal’s life should end when their owner is no longer able to care for them.

We welcome your sponsorship support for the following dogs.  You will receive a monthly news update on your pet, as well as the knowledge you are helping them thrive.


Lil is a 9 year old Lab who has spent her entire life in a breading shed. Lil may have had up to 100 puppies throughout her life. After her rescue Lil came to us, she has had time to recover from her multiple pregnancies but because of severe complications due to over breading during her spaying operation Lil now requires life long medication. Lil will remain in our care where she will live her senior years in peace and comfort. If you would like to sponsor Lil please get in touch.

lady Batley

Lady Batley came into us as a feral kitten, she was extremely small  and concerns were raised for her health. Lady Batley underwent tests that revealed numerous health problems, these included FIV and liver problems along with stunted growth and she has a broken tail. Lovely Lady Batley is on life time medication and has regular blood tests. She will stay with BARC as a sponsored animal and will live a full and happy life. If you would like to sponsor Lady Batley please get in touch.