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Apply to Foster/Rehome a Pet

Foster carers are always needed, both short and long term.  Foster carers are unpaid but will have all expenses reimbursed, you will be provided with food and equipment free of charge.

All adopters and fosterers will need to complete an application form – please call us on 01656 744085 or use our contact form below to let us know you are interested and we will send you the form and start the assessment process. 

    Important Notes

    If you are hoping to adopt, and following assessment, the team agree you are the best match for that animal, you will need to pay the relevant adoption fee.  We will let you know the fee on enquiry, as this depends on the animal (for dogs, this is normally £200)

    Please note, adopting a rescue is not the same as buying and choosing a pet.

    Animals and prospective owners will be thoroughly assessed – while we understand individuals may ‘fall in love’ with a particular pet, having been recently rescued, the pet’s needs are our primary consideration.

    It is really important that we find the most suitable home for each dog who may, in the course of our assessment, need specific requirements in their forever home, such as to be the only dog or indeed, who would benefit from being part of a multi-pet home.

    We always do our very best to find a good match – but if we say no, it is almost always because the pet had specific needs and is not in any way a reflection on a prospective adopter.